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Successful Forex Traders

How Successful Forex Traders Manage Profits From the time they execute that first trade to the time they have accumulated decades of experience under their belts, many investors ask, what is the right balance between executing trades based on anticipation versus trades based on confirmation? Our suggestion: tackle this question head-on. The most successful forex […]

Forex Trading Secret

The Secret to Forex Trading: Limit the Downside The Foreign exchange market can be a formidable opponent. The daily Forex Trading transaction volume is approximately $7 trillion, and it is regarded as the most liquid market on the planet. In most respects, undercapitalized retail investors appear to be outmatched as they take on global central […]

Breakout Trading Strategy

Different trading phenomena in forex. A breakout is basically an asset’s price movement through a known or established level of resistance that is typically followed by a significant increase in the amount of volatility and heavy volume. In other words, breakout occurs when the currency pair’s price goes outside of its known support or resistance […]

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