The benefits of bonuses

Taking the first step into trading forex can often be the most daunting. You want to trading forex but just can’t quite take that initial step to making your first investment. This is where a bonus offer, for example like that offered by Vantage FX, can really help you to get started.

What is the offer?

Vantage FX offers to give its new clients a 50% bonus offer (full terms and conditions can be found on their website). It basically works like this, if you deposit $300 they give you $150, if you deposit $400, Vantage FX gives you a bonus offer of $200 and if you deposit $500 or more, Vantage FX will deposit $250 in your trading account for you to trade with.

In order to get the bonus:

  1. Apply and open an account
  2. Deposit funds
  3. Claim your bonus
  4. Start trading

The bonus of the bonus

Welcome bonuses can be advantageous to newcomers and experienced traders.

Firstly, as a new comer, may have been practising on a demo account for some time but still haven’t taken that first step to trading with money. Trading on a demo account is extremely useful and good practise, but the trading psychology is different when there is real money involved.

As a newcomer, at some point you need to dip your toes in the water and see how you behave a trade with real money. Using the bonus here, can be extremely comforting. It provides a bridge between demo account trading and live account trading with your own funds.

Using the bonus funds provides you the opportunity to analyse your real-life trading examples, the good bits and the bad parts! You can make mistakes and essentially it is not costing you anything.

For more experienced traders who are on the lookout for a good broker, the bonus will also help you. You can test out the new broker using a bonus given to you by them. You can test drive the account for spreads, execution, pricing, platform user-friendliness, charting etc, all the things that are important to you as a trader and you need to experience in order to take an informed decision about the broker.

Checks the T’s & C’s

Before opening an account an applying for the bonus funds make sure that you understand the terms and conditions clearly, they can be found on the website. If you have any doubts the Vantage FX client services department are extremely helpful and are always on hand to answer any questions


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