FX Trading Signals Manual


1. When receiving a signal, you should enter the trade only if it has reached the entry level.

2. A signal is marked as over only when it hits the take profit or stop loss levels.

3. When executing a trade based on our signals, placing a take profit and stop loss orders is a Must!

4. “Did Not Occur” means the trade did not reach its entry level and you were not supposed to trade it.

5. Usually most signals are valid for no longer than 1 hour, once they are over they will be marked as over.

6. A signal does not have to reach the Take profit level. Each trader can set his own stop loss.

7. The signals displayed time is based on to your mobile time zone configuration.

8. High spread offered by your Forex broker effect your winning ratio, make sure to use our Recommended Brokers.

9. If a signal does not reach the take profit level and gets back to the entry level, you can use it as good opportunity to close the trade with a minimal lose.

10. It is highly recommended to use the signals as pending orders rather than waiting for the entry point.

For any questions about how to use our FX Signals Trading Manual please be sure to contact us!

FX Signals Trading Manual