Learn To Trade Forex

Why Trade Forex

7 Main Reasons of Why Trade Forex Forex NEVER sleeps Perhaps the best reason of why trade Forex is laying on the fact that the FX market is always available for trading. A trade goes on from all around the globe during various countries’ business hours. Thus, you will be capable of trading major currencies […]

Who Trades Forex

Different kinds of people who trades Forex Speculators and investors are just one of those who trades Forex. They trade on international markets through an online Forex platform or through a direct Forex broker. These traders need liquidity in their cash flow in order for them to trade in foreign markets and increase their investments.Conducting […]

When Can You Trade Forex

Before dealing with when can you trade Forex, let’s briefly define what is Forex really. According to an on-line encyclopedia, foreign exchange market is defined as a global decentralization market for trading currencies. It is the market wherein people buy and sell money through transfer, credit and hedging. Because of the many trades and transactions […]

Technical Analysis

Understanding Chart and Chart Patterns Stock charts are very essential for technical analysts; it is the basis of technical analysis in the first place. The thing that is making it golden is that it is showing price movements in the last several days, months, quarter, years, and many more. Furthermore, because technical analysis is being […]

Currency Correlation

Making Use of Currency Correlation for Your Advantage If you aimed to become an effective trader, you must understand your overall portfolio sensitivity so that you can market volatility. Since currencies are always priced in pairs, you will notice that once the other pair falls, the other one will immediately follow. Currency correlation moves that […]

Setting Stop Losses

Stop! Learn How you Should be Setting Stop Losses Setting Stop Losses is all about quality risk management. People are facing the fact that the market can always do what it wanted to do and move away those things that needs to be move. Every day is a great challenge and almost all the things […]

How Do You Trade Forex

Forex or foreign exchange is a financial market for buying and selling the world’s various foreign currencies. This is also known as FX. Unlike NASDAQ or other centralized monetary markets based in a one nation and operated by one single organizing body, the Forex market is a worldwide, decentralized financial market running in each nation […]

How to Trade Double Tops and Double Bottoms

The very Basics about How to Trade Double Tops and Double Bottoms  A double top pertains to a reversal pattern formed after having a long move up. The “tops” are points that are made when the price reach a specific degree that cannot be damaged. After reaching this point, the price will bound off it […]

What is Forex?

What is Forex on a Nutshell   Forex or foreign exchange is usually used to describe how investors trade in the foreign exchange market. Forex traders generally purchase a currency pair if they think its exchange rate will increase in the future. They sell a currency pair, however, if they think that its exchange rate will […]